Joseph McFarlane

The Artist , Joseph McFarlane

Meet Joseph 

He is a talented artist from my hometown; he’s my friend and holds a special place in my heart.   I have decided I want to share his talent and his story with you.

Well, his story is actually our story.  Before I can do that, I have to tell you about Grant:

This coming March will be eight years since the tragic death of my dear friend and coworker Grant De Patie 

Grant was killed at our place of employment, an express Esso/Tim Horton’s in British Columbia, when a kid who had just stolen a car decided it needed gas so he stopped at a shell station 2 blocks from the Esso but it was pay at the pump so he drove to Esso, it was very late and Grant was working alone standing outside, talking to a regular customer when this kid pulled up and started to fill his tank.  Having noticed the screwdriver in his ignition, Grant turned to go call police and the kid must have over heard because he jumped back onto the car and sped away hitting Grant and pulling him under his car.  Grant was dragged 12Km to his death.  I was scheduled to work a few hours later we both worked full time there so five days a week I came in to see Grants smiling face.   On this the morning of March 8th.2005, I was greeted by police and yellow tape and my boss telling me Grant was gone.

People who didn’t even know him were very effected by this, from all over Canada, we got calls and cards.

Now that you know Grant , here is how I have come to know Joseph McFarlane

A few years after this tragic event,  I receive and email from a guy telling me “hello, you don’t know me, I am an artist from Maple Ridge and this tragedy has inspired me to do this and present it to Grants family, (Joseph didn’t know them either, nor how the find them, so he found me)  This was his intention from the start of this drawing, to present them with it in his honor. At the time he had named it The Hero Hall of Fame, however, I think he now calls it Warrior Hero.  He will be reading this and correct me if I’m wrong.  I could clearly see how important it was for him to finish what he started and get this print to the family.  Now, here we are four years later. From what he told me, he meets with Grants dad for lunch.  All though I am close with Grants family and I was involved with connecting Joseph to them, I didn’t keep in touch with Joseph.  I guess I felt I had done what was meant to be.  Don’t get me wrong, I was moved to tears and thanked joseph so very much.  I know we emailed back and forth a few times. Then it just faded.  I happened across him on one of my social networks.  Its funny actually, he complimented one of my photos on photobucket a few months ago and I immediately recognized him and told him who I was.  We connected on FB and plan to meet up in Maple Ridge soon.

Isn’t it funny how people can bring you together like that, even when they have long since passed on?

So here is the print, done completely in ball point pen:  needless to say, the young man in it is Grant:

He has created two personal pieces of art for me that I want to share:



Joseph Patrick McFarlane was born in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  While attending Central Technical Art College in Toronto, he studied studio criteria and art history, plus field research.  Then he went on to attend Emily Carr in Vancouver, BC.  Joseph has a degree in the fine arts and in Inter-media and Multimedia.

Joseph’s artwork takes on personal views from everyday thoughts and ideas as well as dreams that have signification meaning for him. His incredible creations are inspired by the things he see all around him.  He has also created many a masterpiece after having been made aware of something happening somewhere in the world, both close to him and far away.  Life’s overall experiences that are part of everyone’s childhood and adult culture inspire Joseph as well.  Having engaged in subjects as diverse as what he has seen during his traveling days, including music of many kinds and architecture; his work reflects all of that with familiar visual signs and he arranges them into new conceptually layered pieces.

Here is his Redbubble Web Address:

My artwork of certain mediums takes on personal views from everyday thoughts and ideas as well as dreams that have signification meaning as well as things I see around me, inspirations from other art, and just overall life’s experiences that are part of our childhood and adult culture. Having engaged in subjects as diverse of what I have seen during my traveling days, music of many kinds and architecture, my work reproduces familiar visual signs, arranging them into new conceptually layered pieces and I also like to express in surreal situations.

Joseph tends toward using pencil, crayon, pen ink and watercolors n his art.  He is also gifted in acrylic and oils on large canvases.

Here, you will find his profile

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Joseph has also just recently shared with me the fact that he designed the famous Musician, Tom Cochran an album cover quite a few years ago:



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