Speak loud for those who suffer in silence

Speak loud for those who suffer in silence.

I have moved my other blog from Google blogger and it is now on word press!

please sign as many petitions and share and support causes! animals and kids not getting abused or mistreated is so very important to me!

my biggest goal right now and for the past year has been to STOP THE CANADIAN SEAL SLAUGHTERS …I’ve helped and seen so many other success’s along the way in joining these causes and always wanted to become a part of this for my whole life, however what motivated me and finally lit a fire under me was to find out almost a year ago to the day what Canadianism (my  country where i was born and raised and live in) are doing to baby seals.  i was devastated, disgusted, traumatized, embarrassed and very very angry once the initial shock and pain subsided   i literally cried over this for three days before i decided to find out about how i could change this.  Well, here we are a year later and STILL NO CHANGE!

mother seals travel over 3000 miles to have their babies here in Canada  after doing so, they get corners by sick, demented hunters and are forced to watch as their babies are beaten with pipes and skinned alive.

Their cries are devastating to hear and when they are being approached, both mother and baby back away knowing what is coming.

its too much to see or hear. anyone who is capable of this could just as easily harm a baby child.  whats the difference?  that’s someone who is mission the same part of the brain and emotion as a sadistic killer.  why do we allow it and later on wonder why a child is killed? why doesn’t our leaders stop it before it escalates to kids ?  the ability to torture anything and not feel is a sure sign of a serious emotional sickness and should never be tolerated.

hey , i was raised in bc, we fish and hunt here.  my dad is huge on fishing and hunting. never was i taught to torture, never did he tolerate cruelty.  he would catch for eating only and kill it fast, never slow.

some kids killed a seal where we used to fish. this seal drove my dad crazy always breaking into our crab traps, but when my father read in the paper that he was fed a fish with dynamite and blown up, he was furious!   true outdoors man  fisherman, hunters understand the respect for the food they are eating and should always be as kind and grateful for the sacrifice being made for them  so they can feed their families.

instead they seem to think it should be treated with cruelty before they kill it?  its so wrong and i wish they could experience the pain they cause and hope that upon judgement day, God puts on them all the pain of each creature they tortured.  nothing would make me happier.

this achievement would make me sing, dance and cry for joy.




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