When people ask me ‘why does God allow pain and suffering if he loves us.’


 I was just writing about how we must suffer because without suffering, there would be no compassion and without suffering and pain, unfortunately, our gifts and skills wouldn’t surface to their full potential and might even stay where we would never know they existed. we must feel in order to express the emotion and passion it takes to create/draw/paint/sing/write and so on . and the deepest passions come from those painful and memories and emotions more than any.
we must feel pain in order to feel love for others and the compassion needed to want to reach out and help. if we didn’t, those who did suffer would go unnoticed. we wouldn’t relate or understand therefore we would not care enough to see their pain. good, love, passion and happiness would not exist without pain, loss and suffering. that’s what i tell those who ask me ‘ IF GOD LOVES US, WHY DOES HE LET US SUFFER’ he must, or we’d just be robots.



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