Giving Thanks in 2012

this is so beautiful and My Ray of Light becoming a close friend  is one of the things i am most thankful for in 2012!

i am so blessed to have met her and I do know that I have our other online mutual friend to thank for that, all because she noticed a quote i had on my twitter profile (she knows who she is!).

I’d like to thank My Ray of Light and I am so happy to have her as such a close friend now.  I truly admire her strength, all though i have worried terribly about her, she never ceased to amaze me the way she bounces back.  Still…… i wish Lupus would cut her a break.

I am sorry for her suffering and i wish and would do anything i could to make it stop or even just make it less painful.  She is the true definition on Humanity, Strength, Inspiration and Love.

I do thank her for all that she does and how much she gives to so many others. She may suffer now but she is one of God’s greatest creations and she will be rewarded by Him some day.

via Giving Thanks in 2012.


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  1. Hi Kim!!!
    This was just the sweetest thing. I am blessed in many ways…but the friendship we have is an even bigger blessing. I appreciate all the love and support that I receive from you and our friend. I am in a very real battle…but my heart and soul are strong.
    Much love and Peace to you


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