A Special Friend Helps In-Sync Exotics!

I love exotic cats! I love all animals but these are one of my favorites.  They are so interesting, beautiful, mystical and have such amazing qualifies and personalities.   They never fail to surprise me and the are so badly treated when they deserve nothing but to be left alone in their own habitat to grow and be free from the cruelty that humans inflict on them everyday.

Such an incredible lack of respect for not only these creatures but for the entire human race is happening  because of the vast number of different species, namely, the Big Cats are being destroyed almost to the point of extinction   Should we continue down this path, we are doomed.  Then again, we must ask ourselves, if we are the ones causing such a catastrophe to fall upon us…..shouldn’t we go down along with the very creatures we are destroying?

In sync Exotic is so amazing in all that they do to save these creatures everyday and they need and deserve our donations and support so I contacted them and asked what I could do to help and this is what we came up with:


A Special Friend Helps In-Sync Exotics!.

Here is where you can see more and show your support


I have a fundraiser I just started on Crowd Rise as well:



Charity Event Fundraising on Crowdrise



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