I Have Lupus

I Have Lupus.

Please share/like/subscribe/support my dear dear friend who suffers.  Words cannot express how blessed I feel that she has become such a close friend and part of my life!  I’m thankful to the person who introduced us, to God and to social networking, if not for these things, I most likely would never have known her.

She suffers and struggles through so much, though she doesn’t share much of her trials and tribulations with all.  She shares more with me than what is posted online, so I do know and you would think that her struggle with Lupus was bad enough, trust me, there’s so much more.  My admiration for her is great, which is why I cannot express or share her beautiful words of devotion and poetry enough.

All who follow her blog and subscribe to her pages love and adore her, still, she needs more support so that she need not worry about other stressful things.  This way all her strength will go up against fighting of the brutal effects of this illness.



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