Roots Natural Organic Foods – Home Page

Roots Natural Organic Foods – Home Page.

This health food store has the best, most knowledgeable staff and most organic, healthy, all natural vitamins for everything!

I suffer from a bleeding disorder that had me in intensive care and the Dr. and hospital working frantically to stop my bleeding.  After this continued for 7 months and so many attempts made by the medical system to stop it and having come so close to being forced to have a hysterectamy at the young age of 20, risking my not ever having children, I finally took these pills called Alpha Complex my mother had given me and advised I take from the start.  Well, i stuck them in the cupboard, thinking “ya sure mom! ” .  7 months later, feeling beaten and defeated, I gave them a shot.  One hour after taking them.,.. my bleeding slowed, within a day or so, I was fine!




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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me. I like your blog very much. I’ll check out Roots today.

    1. oh, you bet and thanks to you as well!


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