Jim Beaver: ‘Life’s That Way’: Grieving Change

Jim Beaver: ‘Life’s That Way’: Grieving Change.

Jim Beaver is not only one of my most favorite actors, but at true hero!  He is a stand up father, down to earth guy, genuine, kind, real….I cannot say enough to express how much I think of this man! He must be the most genuine, compassion, down to earth Celebrity/person on the planet.  His inner strength and bravery are a true inspiration.  Not only is he a talented and gifted actor, but when it comes to fatherhood, he is a true King!  I hope he understands how much his fans truely care for him and his daughter, he has come to hold a very special place in my heart!  He is such a stand up guy I admire and respect…..he deserves nothing but the best out of life as he has given so much and come out of everything with such honor and grace….LOVE YOU JIM!

Jim Beaver: 'Life's That Way': Grieving Change

Recently, my 8-year-old daughter Maddie came home with a school assignment, to make a Mother’s Day card. She didn’t know what to do. You see, Maddie’s mom, my wife Cecily, died 6 years ago, when Maddie was only 2. Maddie was matter-of-fact about it: “Why do I have to make a card if I don’t have a mother?” I, on the other hand, fell backwards in time, to the morning I saw Cecily die. From there, it was a short tumble back into the memory of grief overwhelming me to the point where, if not for our little girl, I don’t know how I would have gone on. I studied my grief as I was in it, and I’ve thought a great deal about it since. These days, though, it doesn’t take a reminder of Cecily’s death to make me cognizant of grief. Grief surrounds me. I see it in my friends, my colleagues, in the news, in the culture. And the grief I see has little directly to do with death.

In The Grief Recovery Handbook, John James and Russell Friedman define grief as “the conflicting feelings caused by a change or an end in a familiar pattern of behavior.” Clearly, grief by this definition exceeds its popular sense of relating only to death. Divorce, betrayal, loss of job, home, or savings, all are cause for grief.






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