The soul of an Angel

I have been rolling this around in my head for a while now and finally sat down and focused hard enough to write a poem about how I see and feel for my youngest daughter.
Taryn has such an amazing soul. Taryn has never misbehaved, nor has she ever been grounded or scolded She never had to be taught kindness or respect, they all just came naturally. She has watched me struggle with anger and she has through watching fighting amongst the rest of us, but didn’t let it affect her ability to maintain her composure. It never ceases to amaze me how incredible she and how easy it is for her
She portrays the same humility as Jesus tells us all to and she obeys Him by doing unto others and by loving unconditionally and she follows his demand to love others as He has loved us. She doesn’t have to be told , it seems she can feel His presence guiding her.
She has always had faith and she never questions God, she has a very strong connection with Him. One would not be able to deny God’s existence in her presence. Her absolute knowledge and faith is too real.



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