A Question of Power – My Ray of Light


A Question of Hope

You are out in the scorching sun, for hours. There seems to be no relief in sight; the only comfort is found as sweat trickles down your brow. Not sure of how long you can actually hang on; a thought occurs to you. What if this is my last moment? You are unsure as to how much strength or energy you can muster; worse than that…do you want to go on?

Suddenly you feel it; a cool breeze flowing across your sun weathered skin. You take a deep breath; your soul feels replenished. Although the cool air lasted only a moment; its effects are long lasting. Your strength returns; your step has more bounce in it. How could a single brief blowing, of cool crisp air, change so much? Simply put; you now have hope of greater things. You were intended to survive this thing; and…

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