Awesome! i saw this in an image and forgot to save it so i searched google and it led me here. i have a blog to,so i guess imma follown! thanks for the info!


Ok so we’re definitely done with the frozen series! Yesterday one of my friends sent me a GREAT find and so I did some research and WOW, very cool tip!! 🙂 Thank you Nikki!

I can’t believe that in all my muffin tin exploration I had never come across this one,  so I googled the heck out of it and apparently it’s one of those well kept secrets that everyone else is also saying “Why haven’t I ever heard about this before?” Well I am going to help spread the word today because this is just too cool! 🙂

Photo courtesy of Alaska from I like their use of the standard muffin tin. The directions are basically the same on both sites as are the results but feel free to check out both or google hard boiled eggs in a muffin tin and check out everybody’s take on it…

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