My nephews photo enhanced to look like an oil painting



I’d like to describe exactly how I did this, but I have to admit, it was a fluke!  I was cropping and enhancing photo’s I took at a recent family reunion because they were too bright.  This particular photograph had about six or seven kids in it, all us first cousins who havent seen each other in a while wanted pictures of our kids together.  Well, anyway, I started to notice that just Jesse started looking different than the rest of the kids in this photo, so I cropped him out and went with it, trying different options until I got it looking like this.

I just wish I knew how I got it to this point, so what I’m going to do is try and try again with others or even the original until I figure it out.  Once I’ve got the steps figured out I’ll come back and explain.  Feel free to comment and let me  know what you think!



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