My First Post…..

Hello, my name is Kim and I’ve been doing graphic design since way back when we the internet just began.  I remember the first program I ever tried, it was called LIVEPIX 2.0 and I loved it so much that I made everyone’s Christmas gifts with my computer that year!  I made calendars and framed photos and theme pictures for everyone.  After that, everyone would always ask me to create everything for them.  

I did wedding invitations and banners and made my kids friends their birthday gifts with that.  I did all my kids invitations and valentines cards.  I sure went through paper and ink like crazy.  Over the years I experimented with such a vast variety of different programs, either download the trial version or just buying full versions.  Now there are so many online programs offered free, it’s awesome!  

I see so many new pictures online enhanced in so many ways and everytime I come across something new, I will work with my programs and research how it was done until I get it right.  I just have this crazy desire to know how all designs are made and I like coming up with my own ways of doing them as well.  I also find it very important that my creations are my own, from scratch.  I want to be the sole creator of all the designs I use for whatever the project I’m am working on.  So I will share my creations and try to explain how it was done.  I will also share links to cool online editors and share my favorite programs so I am able to provide help and advice whenever possible.  

This is blog is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now because I am so passionate about creative design and I really look forward to meeting others who are interested as well and sharing ideas with you!  

Thanks and great to be here!



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