not one sparrow


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  1. Kim crossley says:

    I know all of us are God's creatures, he created us all for a purpose, and yes, some animals He created for us to eat, use for warmth, He states these things in the bible. He does not, however approve of anything less than the utmost respect and kindness to be shown to these animals who sacrifice their lives so that we may eat, etc….they are still His creations and He loves them and His heart must just break every time one innocent animal is made to suffer.This is not how we are should show thanks to God nor to the animal whose life is sacrificed for our well being. We should be kind, loving, respectful and thankful everyday of their lives. They deserve nothing less than our devote appreciation and admiration for giving up their lives for us and so does God for blessing us with each and every beautiful creature on this planet. They are all so magical, wonderful and amazing in their own ways and we are so gifted and blessed by their presence on our planet.Why would anyone want to make them suffer or subject them to such tragic circumstances when just being able to admire and learn from them is so much better?

  2. ben says:

    Kim, thanks so much for sharing a link to Not One Sparrow on your blog. What you wrote in the comment on this post is very eloquent, and I heartily agree. Grace and peace to you, and thanks again – Ben DeVries (Not One Sparrow admin.)


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