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This is my friend and talented poet My Rays of Light, (L.M. Young) .  Many of you all ready subscribe to or follow her blog and maybe even have a book of hers, but I’m going to feature her because I am simply moved by her remarkable talent!  On more than one occasion since being blessed with her friendship, I’ve suggested or requested her to write a poem on a certain subject or about someone I care about, she then, as always asks me a to elaborate a little more for inspiration.   Even before I finish explaining and at times before getting a chance to explain, she will have written the poem and every time it’s exactly how I see it or feel!  Her ability to hit home with her words is amazing and I would suggest, recommend and insist that you buy all of her books on devotion and poetry.  You will be pleased and read for inspiration or to be uplifted often.

She not only fights for all causes, children being one she feels most passionate about, she fights a daily battle herself with Lupus.  This is so very hard on her physically yet she finds a way to shine her light into the lives and hearts of so many everyday.  She is always looking for ways to help others even though she herself is suffering.  I am featuring her for that reason also and to help promote her and get support sent her way, she does so much for others and really could use the support and she so richly deserves it!

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Art Page:

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Here’s a few samples of her poems, the first, she wrote based on my point of view and her words couldn’t have been spoken better had they come straight out of my mouth.  It’s called 


This one was written in honor of my friend, Grant, who I’ve mentioned on my blog in more that one occasion who passed away.  It was dedicated to his mother and it’s called:


Here are some of her books, just click the pictures to go to the pages:

L.M. Young – Good Reads

Click to view Petals of Peace

Click to visit website

Dear World,

 You may be wondering why I am writing you right now…I understand. But the truth is; I have been watching you…and my eyes fill with tears. I have watched your triumphs; where you will pull together as people and embrace one another, as a family should. I have watched you fight for the survival of a species of animal that was crying out for your love and attention. I have seen you go to the aide of those affected by a natural disaster; during these times I have been extremely proud of you.

I have seen you at your worst; when you thought no one was watching. I have seen you steal from one another; even if you are only stealing time. I have watched as you erected huge walls and fences to keep one another out. I have watched you remove one another from the lands that you live in, out of some false sense of ownership. I have watched you hang your brothers and sisters, because you found offense in the color of their skin. I have seen you burn Holy Books out of some need to control one another. You have let money turn you against one another; it brings out the very worst in your character.

So I wanted to take a moment today and reach out to you. I want to remind you of some core truths; and once I deliver them to you…hold onto them.

 You have a very complex soul. It’s beautiful, but obviously it has been tested. I feel pain and such love in you. You know, we often have to deal with life altering events; some of us don’t do so well. Basically we have to do our very best; and move on. Your heart is full and when the time is just right; you are going to be able to share it with the world. Don’t let anyone convince you to dim your light…it is there to guide you and others who will follow you. Believe me, they will follow you. Make sure your words are true, but responsible. Speak with a giving tone and know that you can create a better place for your fellow man…starting with a smile.

 Love with your whole heart; love is never a mistake. And if love doesn’t turn out to be what you thought it would be…embrace it for what it is and appreciate the experience. I promise you, with my whole heart, loving anyone is never a mistake. There are times, of course, when we must walk away from relationships; but do not confuse the pain of a separation for a pain from love. Love never hurts…it is only walking away from love that causes us pain.

 Give people hope. It’s okay to be upset or frustrated…but please do not take the hopes of man, while you are doing it. Give assurance, be positive. Smile and spread sunshine…wherever you may go.

It is okay to grieve…it is a celebration of life. But do not dwell in your grief; mourning a loved one is just further acknowledgement of how wonderful they were to you. The love and care our loved ones gave us on earth…multiplies in the hereafter…surrounding us constantly. So don’t feel bad about letting a tear fall; as long as you cushion it with laughter and wonderful memories.

 Listen to your heart, and let it converse with your soul…it keeps you safe. Fight the good fight…and that means to simply defend those who cannot defend themselves…not necessarily with violence. Use your words…make a stand…demand a change. And keep on demanding until the world gets so sick of you that they change. The first step is the hardest…but people will follow. Everyone is looking for THAT HERO…the one who stood up when everyone else was sitting down.

With Love,


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