This blog was created by me because of my interest and passion in graphic design.  I also truly enjoy creating anything in honor of courageous people, those who have or are suffering, anything to do with love, kindness and compassion really.  I have another blog called Speak with a loud Voice for those in Silent Suffering with its own separate page, however I did take advantage of the option Word Press offers that allows us to incorporate posts, etc together, so that is why there are posts and information from my other blog on here.  It’s also another way to share and encourage others to speak out for what they believe in.

I am currently enrolled in a brand new program offered at Brighton College for Web Design and Marketing that I will be starting in mid November and I am looking forward to posting so much more information and interesting stuff I will be learning about Web Design…..


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  1. vivedigno says:

    Thank you so much for the follow. You see, I do not write as often as I would like to but I will do my best. I usually do it in Spanish, once again, I will do my best to post in English.
    Great posting! God Bless!!

    1. De nada, no tendré problemas para leer el español, ya sea porque he Google Translate, una aplicación de su gran programa para Chrome!
      I hope that makes sense!

      1. vivedigno says:

        Thanks a lot. It makes perfectly sense!!

  2. Dear Kimba,
    This is a beautiful blog. I love the picture. I can’t wait to see more posts and I will visit your other blog Speak with a loud voice as soon as I’m done here.
    I’m excited for you about your new schooling program and I look forward to future posts from you.

    1. thank you so much for all your awesome support and kind words, im really glad to have met you! i look forward to keeping in touch…i see you blog as well and will follow a so look forward to your posts, haha two Kimas, both blonde…lol. i guess its common but ive never met another!

    2. Kimba Canada & Kimba US – North American Twimba’s lol R u tall or short? I’m 5ft nuthin, short and loud….tiny but tough, little but loud short but spazzy!


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